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Emotional Support Animal Evaluation Contract for Services

What is it?

An ESA evaluation is a request to be evaluated for an emotional support animal due to a disabling mental health condition.

What types can Spencer Psychology do?

We only evaluate for ESAs for housing. We do not do transportation evaluations (airplanes).

Do you certify the animal?

No. This is a common misperception of evaluations. To qualify for an emotional support animal, a provider is evaluating the person’s need, not the animal’s behavior or fitness.


To be evaluated at Spencer Psychology, you must already have a therapist (or recently have had a therapist). This can be someone local, or elsewhere. Our evaluator will contact your therapist to discuss your diagnosis, as our service does not include a full psychological evaluation but a mental health screening. If you have not been working with a therapist, we cannot do your ESA evaluation. 

Disqualifying Circumstances

What does the evaluation include?



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